Girl’s 25th Birthday (Day 1)

Day 1

Girl’s Birthday is gonna be celebrated in Thailand, Krabi!!!

We took Tiger Airways airline to Krabi for our 5 days trip to Krabi in Thailand. It’s the only flight straight from Singapore to Krabi 🙂 The budget flight terminal looks very theme-park like, weird and funny looking!

Budget Terminal

Boy is queuing up to check in our flight!

boy check in

and then we bought this at the airport, the all type of flavoured Yakult. Boy claims that HK had never had so many flavours, so wanted to try them out. And also, saying he need to have a strong tummy for the next 5 days from all the Thai food, so hopes this helps!


We stayed in Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort at Ao Nang Beach, Krabi and this is the bathing area inside our little villa for our stay! It’s outdoors and we only took a picture of it the next morning as it was too dark the night before.  It was really nice to bath outdoor and I liked the feeling so much! Bathing in the wild!


and not forgetting… the girl has got 25 Gifts for her birthday from the dear boy!!! 😀 From Age 1 to 25. Spent the rest of the night picking my numbers to open my present one by one and playing with it! 😀

The resort stay place and the presents were all so much surprise!

Boy had spent a really really long time planning for it! and absolutely loved every bit of it, the presents and the really sweet stay and arrangements made for the next 5 days!!! :***)


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