Postal TV

What’s the big hype about HDTV, MioTV, ModTV or even Cable TV when i have Postal TV?

  1. subscription on long term contract
  2. with very afforable ‘fees’
  3. no advertisements
  4. able to watch at OTOT (own time own target), almost anywhere
  5. really cool shows too~

and best of all, one and only

ever since dad terminate the cable tv at home, and me being such a tv addict, had been feeling a tiny weeny bit miserable about it. So my dear boy, had decided to surprise me by sending me dvds of the lastest taiwan/ korean/ japanese dramas by mail. Some it of, he had painstakingly look for it on net and downloaded it for me, some of them were bought. 😛 Boy, was i delighted when i opened my mail and was so surprised by it. And when its posted by slow mail, we called it “Postal TV”. he’s always so thoughtful and sweet, with the little things he do.

thanks to the sweetest boy! :*)


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